Facebook MarketingAs a marketing tool, Facebook continuously and undoubtedly trumps every social network out there. It’s not surprising that you’re working to come up with fresh and unique content for your business’ Facebook page. Look to these top marketing ideas to boost Facebook engagement.

Timing is Everything

Although this should be dependent on your content, target audience, and overall objectives, posting Facebook posts at the right time is crucial. Studies show that Thursdays and Fridays are the most beneficial time to post content. However, you should first consider if these days actually work for the audience profile you’re marketing to, suggests a marketing specialist from a top Melbourne digital agency. Do it and then test it.

Images are also Everything

Chances are you already know this. However, the advantages of including images to all your posts can’t be stressed enough. Studies show that images get 53% increase in likes than posts without images, plus an 84% increase in link clicks.

Host an Exclusive Facebook Contest

Everybody loves the feeling of potentially winning a contest. In terms of cost, just think about how much brand awareness and social media press you’ll get — that’s something that you can’t easily put a price on.

Get Crucial Answers through Crowdsourcing

Post simple questions or conduct polls so that you can gain valuable insights on what your audience really wants from your business. This way, you will know when to post more content, what to post, and if they really loved or hated your previous posts, contests and promos.

Consider Using ‘Boosted’ Facebook Posts

Although some marketers are against this, using boosted posts is still an efficient and effective way to increase your page’s engagement and reach. Boosted posts are basically paid posts that are highlighted in the News Feeds of your target market. Determine your target market first so you can direct your boosted posts specifically to them.

Lastly and Most Importantly — Always Post Valuable, Relevant and Unique Content

Yes, this is supposed to be a no-brainer. However, many businesses or brands still post irrelevant and recycled content. Always keep in mind that what you’re offering is unique, so regardless if you have direct competition or not, you offer something that nobody could declare as theirs so display these features on your Facebook posts.