A person painting a wall with multiple coloursWhen you endeavour to paint or decorate, there are numerous options to choose from and consider. Likewise, you need a checklist to achieve the best painting results. First, you need the right paint, and second, you need a beautiful outlook of your home. You will agree that colour portrays visual art and therefore will go a long way in decorating your home. Here are expert tips on how you should paint and decorate your house.

Desired Visual Effect

What visual effect do you want in your home? The exterior décor you choose should conform to the adjacent buildings, streets, and the surrounding environment. Pick a paint that will make your home stand out from the rest. A bright colour will do well. A darker colour will be ideal if you lead a low-profile life.

Compact Elements in Your House

There are elements of your house that are hard to change. These elements include tiles, roofs, driveway, and stoneworks. You need to choose interior and exterior décor that marries with these compact elements.

Colour Wheel

If you aren’t sure of what colour will best match various rooms in your house, then employ the help of a colour wheel. A colour wheel will help you identify paints and décor that matches your fabrics and furniture for a perfect blend.

Quality of Light

Do you want a brightly lit house? Bright colours reflect light, therefore, are the best when you need light in your home. Second, different colours fade differently when the sun hits the walls casting the shadow in the house. You need to choose the right paint and décor that will give just enough light even when the shadow is cast in the room.


Do not let paint and décor strain your pockets. Do your math right and settle on paint and decoration that will have the greatest impact on the outlook of your home while not exceeding your budget.

By putting these five factors into consideration, you will get the right paint and décor for your home. Whatever the case, the choice is always yours.