Termite on damaged woodYou may not realize it, but there could be termites inside your home. The moment your house walls start to sound hollow and empty, that’s when you can infer that these crawlies have already started infesting your home—or they could have already started disintegrating your home.

You may have already asked yourself how these pests have made their way inside your home. The answers are not always mind-boggling, but you will realize that nature has ways of trying to destroy your home. But that does not mean that you have to let it go that way. There are preventive ways, and it is important to know how all these things start. Here are some of the things you need to know.

Through air

IPM Pest Control, a company specializing in termite control in Boca Raton suggests that there is a chance that termites can get inside your home through the air. It may be some are carried away by the wind. But a more plausible scenario would be the fact that termites who have grown their wings fly into your home.

Through soil

Usually, termites start from the ground up. There is a chance that the soil your house is built on already has termites (that’s why it is important to treat the soil before construction). If the termites are lucky, they can find the wooden foundation that is built within the soil. Otherwise, they will create exploratory mud tubes that they can go through if they decide to search for wood above the ground.

Through wet, damaged wood

When termites get luckier, they can find wet and damaged wood. That’s where they will start foraging on the cellulose of the wood. The process is continuous; there will be no signs of stopping. And you will only realize that they have eaten away at your home when your walls become hollow and some parts are already starting to disintegrate.

These are only some of the ways termites can get inside your home. Now that you know their ways, it is time to up your home’s defense.