Man fixing the pipesPlumbing problems sometimes sprout at the most inconvenient time of the day. When something about your pipes, water lines, faucets, and other elements has gone wrong, it is always best that you call in a professional plumber to apply the necessary repairs. But while you wait, you can perform temporary fixes that those with basic knowledge on plumbing systems can perform.

Locate the main water shut-off valve

Although a 24-hour plumber in  Orem, such as Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical,  could be underway within minutes of booking, it would still be useful to know where the local main water shut-off valve is located. You can simply turn off the valve and you will instantly be free from any trouble that could arise from a leak, which is a common cause of a plumbing emergency.

Some plumbing systems also have isolation valves, which, when turned off, will only cut water supply to a particular area of the house. By shutting off the water supply only in the affected area, the rest of the household can still enjoy uninterrupted flow while the repair is being done.

Have a duct tape ready

Another thing that could be handy is a pipe-sealing tool. A duct tape, which is tough enough to hold off cracked pipes, especially if it is just temporary, should be neatly stocked in your tool shed. You can always apply a pipe seal on an affected area to at least minimize leaks and keep your home from soaking wet while the plumber is on his way.

Apart from water leak, which is the common cause of a plumbing emergency, clogging, cracked pipes, and damaged elements could also require an expert 24-hour plumber to be on standby. Make sure that you have their numbers ready so you will not have to wait long before professional assistance arrives.