Eldercare ServicesIn the 80s, the Singapore Government has mandated to prioritise eldercare and ensure the physical, mental and emotional wellness of senior citizens, according to the Civil Service College. A national policy to help senior citizens continue their healthy and active lifestyle was also enacted during the said period. The provisions of the policy required all Singaporean nationals to make sure that their elders will not grow old alone. This was implemented after a research by the government showed the number of senior citizens living alone or only with their spouse continues to increase.

The government already released master plans for the eldercare policy. The first was a seven-year program from 1994 to 2000, and the other was implemented from 2001 to 2005. The blueprints determined the emerging and changing needs of the senior citizens in the Singapore, including eldercare.

The government provided senior services, but the foreseen growing number of senior citizens prompted the national agencies to welcome private eldercare facilities. The national policy, however, prohibited facilities that make seniors feel that they were just handed over to an institutional care.

As such, nursing facilities for senior citizens are built to become elder-friendly with community and family care. Eldercare services also include access to services and are integrated into the community, the Civil Service College said. Most of Singapore’s eldercare facilities are also arranged to make senior citizens feel at home with their family and allow single elders to meet new friends. Caregivers are also properly trained to give the best services to the seniors. Discrimination and age issues are also prohibited in eldercare homes. Learning facilities and healthcare programs are also provided to ensure that the seniors will enjoy a normal and active lifestyle.

According to the Civil Service College and the Ministry of Social and Family Development, the eldercare policy is a way of the government and the Singaporeans to recognize and respect the contribution of the seniors to the national growth and workforce.