heater coolerHeating and cooling your home costs more money and uses more energy than any other system you have in your home. According to experts, this typically makes up about 48% of a regular household’s utility bill. So, homeowners should take the necessary steps to lessen their energy consumption.

Here are some helpful tips to guide you in managing your energy bills:

Savings Tips

  1. Adjust your thermostat
    To make the most of your heater, adjust the settings of your thermostat depending on the time of the day. That way, it does not have to work twice as much during extreme weather conditions.
  2. Do a regular cleanup
    Regular could mean anything from once a week to a couple of times each month. How often you clean your heater would depend on what kind of weather you have. For example, if you live in Draper, half of the year, you would be dealing with hot and dry climate while the rest of the year means dealing with cold and rainy days. So, the dust that has settled during the dry and hot season could become hardened dirt when the rainy season hits. Check your filter and air ducts at least once every two weeks.
  3. Turn it off
    If you are not using your exhaust, make sure you turn it off at least 20 minutes after you have finished using it.
  4. Make the most of your curtains
    During summer time, letting your curtain down helps keep the sun’s heat from entering your home during the day. During rainy or winter season, it can keep heat from escaping.

Choosing An HVAC Contractor

At one point, your heater would break down. When this happens, make sure you have a reliable heating and cooling contractor with you. Here are some details you have to look for when choosing a contractor:

  1. License
    HVAC contractors need to have a license before they can engage in any work. When a person has a license, it assures you they have the right skills and qualifications for the job.
  2. Insurance
    If a license is proof of the contractor’s skill, an insurance coverage serves as evidence that your home is covered in terms of damages brought about by the contractors.
  3. Good Feedback
    While it is impossible to find someone with a 100% stellar record, there are still those who have consistently met, and more, their client’s expectations.

No matter what kind of heating and cooling system you have installed, you can still save money and increase your comfort through proper maintenance and guidance from experts.