car salesman assisting a customer in testing the displayed carRunning a car dealership is a profitable business, but you need to cater to the needs of your customers to grow your sales. You need to demonstrate to your buyer that you’re a reputable car shop.

Most people dread the thought of walking into a dealership to buy a new car. They don’t look forward to being pushed and hassled to the point of making a terrible decision. Making sure that your customers don’t feel this way can help grow your business. In addition to taking your sales team through a comprehensive automotive F&I training, here are some ways to and boost your bottom line:

Refine your service department

Most dealerships get caught up on the revenue they generate from selling cars that they forget that the service department is a money maker as well. As long as vehicles are on the road, they will need routine care or maintenance. Motorists are always on the lookout for a credible tune-up service.

Dealerships have a distinct advantage in that they can meet customer needs under one roof. A first-rate car-servicing department will generate huge revenues while helping lead generation. See, the way you handle customers when they bring their cars for repairs attests to your business values.

When people love your service, they will come to your store for a new car when the time comes. Since they’re familiar with your business, they won’t require much convincing to buy.

Ditch the hard sale techniques

Car salespeople have a reputation of being pushy, unsavory and motivated by greed. That creates a high level of mistrust among the prospective car buyers. Matters take a turn for the worse when these sales reps resort to classic hard sell.

Most hard sells are confrontational, often following a fixed script that disregards the needs and views of the prospects. While such an approach might score you a few deals, it erodes the reputation of your dealership. Most of these customers will never come back, saddled with a small portion of return customers.

Instead of resorting to high-pressure sales techniques, you should train your sales reps to broaden their selling skills. Teaching them to listen and center the sales pitch around the customer’s needs gets better results. You should also train them to pick up on nonverbal cues to improve their ability to close sales.

Guard your reputation

car salesman giving the car's key to his couple clients

Some unscrupulous dealers go to great lengths to get through the lean times, including the classic bait-and-switch method. The technique entails offering an out-of-stock model at an incredible price with the hope of drawing footfalls to the store. The dealership then informs any prospect that the car is sold out.

Since the prospects are now at the dealership, the sales rep can then offer them a range of similar but higher-priced cars. While you might land a few sales this way, such an approach can ruin your reputation and erode customer trust. Not to mention that the practice is punishable by law.

While car dealerships are lucrative, you need to overcome stiff competition to increase your sales. Cultivating a stellar reputation in the sector gives you an edge. You need to demonstrate to your prospects that you’re reliable and have their best interest at heart.