homeWith the rise of modular and alternative homes, having your dream home is now possible. It may not be your first choice, but your home is your own and you can still make the most of it. The only major decision left to make is which design to incorporate it with.

Sure, there are many ways to design your home, but here are some options for you to go over before deciding what kind of home you want for yourself.

Country Homes

Imagine a laid back-feel home with a wide porch and yard to go with it. The charm of a country home comes with its simplicity and functionality.

The spacious design of the home lets you enjoy your space to the fullest. A stylish country home is perfect for family living. Since it is built for function and living every element is arranged in a way to let you feel the slowed down and peaceful way of living in the country.

Minimalistic Homes

If you are all for space saving and improvisation, then this may be the perfect design to incorporate your home with.

Create your Zen and have as less as possible with just as much purpose and function. More white, less clutter—this is the point of minimalist home designs. There are more ways than one to achieve this look, so try to see how you can do so without foregoing personal taste.

Oriental-Inspired Homes

Exotic. This is the first word that comes to mind when you think oriental. Wide-set windows, flat roofs, and wooden walls and accents, these all shout modern oriental.

If you want a unique feel for your home and a conversation starter at every turn of your head, then you would probably want to go with this design.

There are many more to choose from, ultimately, it is going to be your design. Know what you want and keep that in mind while incorporating your desired look with it