Woman's Teeth Being CheckedIf you or your loved one has a fear of needles or dental drills, your visits to the dentist could be a nightmare. This doesn’t have to continue, though. Solea laser technology eliminates the need to use needles and drills.

The technology is precise, fast, painless, anesthesia-free, suture-free, and virtually noiseless. It is used in many dental procedures. Dentists with Solea benefit from the improved efficiency and growth of their business, as they can now handle patients faster and effectively.

That said, here are some dental issues that can be addressed using the Solea dental technology.

Dental Fillings

For this treatment category, the laser is used to eliminate the decay in the teeth without drilling it. The technique provides superior treatment over traditional methods since the laser is so precise that it only vaporizes the decay, leaving the surrounding healthy part alone.

The majority of patients who undergo treatment this way report that they don’t feel anything at all, while a small percentage only feels a small sensation that is not painful at all. Laser filings can be used on both children and adults, and it does not cost more than the traditional fillings.

Soft Tissue Treatment

Solea laser treatment can be used for the treatment of soft mouth tissues. It achieves this by sealing the nerve endings and blood vessels. As a result, you do not need recovery time like with traditional procedures. A laser can also be used in treating frenulum restriction in children, where a child is born with their tongue-tied to the upper lip or the floor of the mouth.

You have minimal chances of getting a post-operative infection in your mouth when this technique is used.

Although there are not many dentists who are currently using this technology, it is slowly growing to accommodate treatments for various dental issues. The goal of this technology is to provide a full-service practice that features the best technology present, with laser dentistry being the current focal point.