Wedding site in KentWhen it comes to wedding preparations, brides will always have THE team, which includes her mother, sisters and bridesmaids. The wedding planner, of course, assists the bride whenever they can. The groom also has his say every now and then — after all, it is also his wedding and he is also paying for it.

But what about the father of the bride?

Unfortunately, fathers do not always have prominent roles in the ceremonies. Still, that does not mean they cannot offer any advice. On the contrary, the father of the bride serves as a reliable source of support. He might be old-fashioned, but fathers are instrumental, especially with getting the job done.

Finishing the To-Do List

If you need someone to check for potential wedding locations in Kent or limousine companies, dear old Dad is the perfect man for the job.

Most brides have to-do lists they cannot finish on their own. While your mum is a good first option, you cannot expect her to do all the work. Allow your dad to handle the legwork, as well as the logistics. If he has been a good holiday planner, he will certainly be handy with your wedding.

An Extra Pair of Hands (and Opinions)

Dad is also a great help with the little details of the wedding. He will surely not refuse to fold wedding programs, lick envelopes or organise the spreadsheet. Fathers will surprise you with their willingness to help, especially if he can do it while watching his favourite cricket game.

Also, never underestimate your father’s artistic abilities. Dads can strike the balance between practicality and elegance. From selecting the colour of table napkins to choosing the groomsmen’s boutonnieres, you will have an objective opinion from your father.

Keep the Wedding Jitters Away

Cold feet and nervous breakdowns are common pre-wedding events. When you feel like running, your dad is a wonderful confidant. If you want a more objective approach with your upcoming nuptials, take your father out for a cup of tea and express your concerns. He has been in the same position for years — he will know what to say.

The father of the bride will do more than just stand on the altar on your special day. If you let him, he can make the wedding even more magical for his darling daughter.