Happy textile factory co-workers with arms crossedYour employees may lack motivation because of various reasons. It could be their duties, or maybe they feel unappreciated and unhappy with their work benefits. As an employer, your business success doesn’t just depend on the capital investment. Your employees who aren’t motivated won’t produce results. By implementing these creative ways to motivate them, you will be doing yourself a favour.

1. Bonding activities for increased cohesion.

Bonding activities bring employees together and help them connect with each other. The result is an increased sense of teamwork. As the employees engage in fun activities, they see each other in a different light and connect more deeply than they would in the office setting.

For successful employee bonding events, planning is key. Prepare all the logistics early enough and communicate to your employees so that they record the day and prepare mentally. If you have more than eight employees, Mona Vale Coaches recommends that you hire a minibus in Sydney to reduce transport hassles. 

2. Mentoring for increased productivity.

Mentoring new employees help them quickly enculturate with the organisation's norms, vision, and goals. For continuing employees, mentorship acts as the fuel that drives them to growth in their current positions preparing them for new career opportunities.  When you become your employee's coach, they get the feeling that you’re interested in their growth and not just your organisation's. Employees who have a mentor are usually more devoted and productive.

3. Rewards for appreciation.

Reward your employees often when they achieve goals. A creative way to do this would be to tailor rewards to suit each employee. Strive to know your employees at a personal level and reward them according to their hobbies.
Tailoring rewards to each employee will make them feel recognised and special. Always remember that employees who feel appreciated are more loyal and productive at work. One of the most powerful reasons for motivating your employees is to get results. Motivating your employees helps them build skills like planning, problem-solving, communication and conflict resolution and form a loyal bond to the company.