Some women feel unconfident about their breast size. This is why breast augmentation remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed around the world. With the advances in medical science, every woman unhappy with her breasts may go under the surgeon’s knife today and achieve her desired look.

breast implant

As with any other type of operation, there are risks involved in this surgery. But with proper research and preparation, it can be a smooth procedure. With the guidance of a reliable cosmetic surgeon, women will fully understand what they’re submitting themselves into.

Some may be ready to bear the costs and face the complications of breast augmentation. But one issue they need to understand is how long the results of the operation will last. This is important, as it will determine if they’ll get their money’s worth. To understand more about the process, here’s a brief discussion from Specialist Cosmetic Surgery:

Life and Longevity of the Implant

Results of a breast augmentation procedure will last as long as the implants last. Also, remember that the larger the breast, the earlier it will start sagging, even if it’s an augmented one. This means that after a period, if you notice your breasts sagging, you might need another surgery to the correct the problem.

Breast Implants may Break

Some materials for breast implants are susceptible to rupture that can lead to serious health problems. While no one can really put an exact date on the longevity of the implant, as per the Institute of Medicine, its life is approximately anywhere between 15 and 20 years. With adequate care, implants may last for a long time.

Once in a Decade Replacement

The FDA has found that in majority of cases, women with implants for more than 10 years have reported of having at least one of them ruptured. So, women can expect to have their implants replaced at least once in a decade.