Man injured with sports shoes beside on the sideThe human foot is an awesome body part. It helps us stand, walk, and maintain balance while doing so. Without it, humans wouldn’t have been able to travel and explore various lands. It is, therefore, important to provide protection for our feet, and this precisely what humans have done throughout the centuries.

This is why we have footwear such as shoes, slippers, and others. Each type of footwear is designed for a certain purpose, like sports, or a certain surface, like snow. Here’s a closer look at how types of footwear are used.

Ski Boots

Ski boots, such as the Tecnica Mach1 120 from Pedigree Ski Shop and other suppliers, are made for traversing or skiing through the snow. This type of footwear is designed to insulate or keep your feet warm since you’d be wandering through the icy terrain.


Slippers are used for leisurely purposes. This type of footwear is usually is simple in design, with just a bottom part and a top one that will provide space for your feet to slip through. Slippers are normally worn indoors, such as the bathroom or bedroom.


Heels are footwear types that add a few inches of height to its wearer. Historically, it was used by males, but now it is commonly worn by females in corporate or professional settings. Heels can also be designed and worn for fashion runways or for beauty pageants.

Sports Shoes

This one is a bit of an umbrella term because sports shoes could mean those used for basketball or those used for running. Any physically intensive sport would require shoes designed to support the wearer’s body so that you wouldn’t trip or hurt your feet.

The society has created a variety of footwear throughout the years to support whatever activities people might do. For instance, you would wear ski boots if you were to traverse or ski through the snow. Thanks to these types of footwear, you can do things and go places without hurting your feet.