The use of commercial laundry equipment offers a diverse means of cleaning clothes, linen and other items for different purposes. Commercial dryers and washers can be seen in the hotel industry, the healthcare industry, and even residential buildings such as condominiums and apartment complexes.

commercial laundry equipment

Rhino Laundry, a Utah-based full service laundry and dry cleaning equipment company, offers the following information:


Primarily, commercial laundry cleaning equipment is for on-site laundry purposes in prisons, hotels, and hospitals. The conservation of energy cost is considered a major factor when it comes to using on-site industrial laundry equipment. On the other hand, size and dependability is of high importance when it comes to buying commercial coin-operated equipment. These are used for private laundry in lodging buildings, apartments, and condominium units.


Commercial washing laundry equipment come in two varieties, namely top loading and the front loading type. They can be standalone or stackable, coin assisted operation or manual. The top-loading variant can blend huge load capacity with convenient use and easy maintenance. Laundry users don’t have to bend to place or remove their laundry. Technicians also have a much easier time servicing these machines. The smaller coin-assisted variety is most often seen in hotel basements and apartment complexes exclusively for guests and residents.

The front load washer, on the other hand, doesn’t have agitators which are essentially the rotating paddles located in the middle of the basket. These machines are considered to be more efficient in power consumption. Also, they do better than their top-loading counterparts. They come with bigger capacities that don’t need a lot of water, saving up in water heating fees. Stacked washers are often used in combination with stack dryers. These are better suited for use in small, confined spaces such as small hotels, studio type apartments, and condominium units.

Occupational Safety

Occupational hazards seen in industrial laundries involve exposure to chemicals, danger from sharp items left behind in the linen, hazards from slips on wet floors, and exposure to bacteria and viruses present in the contaminated hospital linen.