Best Busking CitiesStreet performers, or buskers, are always good fun. They entertain not only children, but the adults that accompany them. Whether they do magic, dance or other forms of entertainment, it’s worth to stick around to see what they have to offer.

Not all cities, however, permit street performers to share their craft. Fortunately, the world is never short of cities that appreciate a different form of entertainment.

These cities give buskers the freedom to display their talents and in the process, make days a little brighter:

1. The Royal Mile, Edinburgh

The Mile in the Fringe is truly a sight to behold. Inside the biggest outdoor festival is an amalgamation of all sorts of street performers. All of them have something up their sleeves to engage with passers-by. Jugglers, comedians, musicians and other kinds of performers line up to do 15, 5 and 2-minute shows that are worth watching.

2. Sentosa, Singapore

As a tourist haven, Singapore had to look for ways to make it more fun to roam around their city. At Sentosa, they got it right by filling it with talented street buskers from These sites are even throwing an event for buskers that are sure to be fun up to the last minute. All variety of street acts are in Sentosa, performing for kids and adults in the most entertaining way.

3. Shibuya Crossing, Japan

In Shibuya city centre, sidewalks are as wide as it gets. In turn, this provides street acts space to do their thing. At any time, thousands of pedestrians cross the street and are able to see Japanese buskers in their natural habitat. When you happen to be in Shibuya, watch out for Ethnic Minority, a street jazz band.

4. The French Quarter, USA

It is in New Orleans where the French made their mark in America. In the French Quarter, you will see one of the best street clarinettists, the stillest human statue, method actors and all sorts of strange buskers. The busking scene is supposedly so enthralling that someone wrote a book about it.

5. Plaza de Armas, Chile

Santiago is the most European city in South America, according to locals. The sheer number of tourists it attracts every year rivals other prominent cities. In turn, it is also a haven for buskers. The more famous street acts usually include comedy and oral demonstration. If you want something less wacky for a street performance but equally engaging, go to Santiago.

Street performing is a lost art to some, but a booming entertainment for others. The world will never be short of fun things to do and people who make it even more fun.