Professor teaching studentsIf you’re a teacher or teaching assistant, it’s perhaps because you’re the kind of person who loves to impart knowledge to those willing to learn. While teaching is considered to be the noblest of professions, the pay is not that attractive. There is much to be said about the sacrifices you make to mould future leaders under your tutelage. It is also understandable when your colleagues opt to leave the teaching profession for the corporate world due to financial reasons.

As such, learning institutions in the UK have constant requirements for teachers and assistants and have engaged the services of education recruitment agencies in London to help speed up the process in their hiring requirements. This arrangement also works for you, the teacher, because these organisations can negotiate a good compensation deal for you if you are qualified for the demands of the institution in need.

Below are two good signs that you are dealing with the right agency:

  1. Reputation. The agency should have an excellent record of finding the right “fit” between the client’s and the candidate’s need, as shown by positive feedback from those who have experienced their services, as well as the process by which they go about finding and qualifying the candidates for the position. The reputation of the learning institutions they service is also a clear indication of the agency’s calibre.
  2. Manned by Educators. This is a great sign that the agency understands your needs as a teacher, having been teachers themselves. They would be able to appreciate your value and the demand for your skill sets and assess a fair package that they can bring to the client for negotiation.

Because it will be the agency who will be representing you to the client (and vice-versa of course), you need to make sure that the one you choose balances what is best for both you and its client.