Most people dream of having a place of their own to call home. Who doesn’t have a memory of drawing stick figures beside a scribbled red-roofed house with a single fluffy green tree as a child?

With the rise in condominiums and apartments, especially in metropolitan areas, the field is getting crowded when it comes to property options. Before you continue with your search on the latest trends in apartment or condo interior design in Singapore, here are some benefits of choosing a landed property for your family home:

Freedom of choice

Landed property is what is commonly referred to when a citizen owns the land as well as the property on top of it. Basically, the residential property must be attached to a piece of land whose title is possessed by the owner himself. Because of this, the owner has freedom when it comes to making choices for his home. As the title-holder, you are free to make expansions or transformations to your space.

Plenty of available space

free space

Landed properties don’t disappoint when it comes to space. Most of them have plenty of space enough to include a yard where your children can run around with pets. Even better, because you are the sole owner, you have a lot of indoor and outdoor space at your disposal. You have the freedom to build additions to your homes, such as pools or gardens, without worrying over constraints such as the size. The potential is limitless when it comes to the things you could do with the space you have to improve your family’s quality of living.


Some landed properties are located a bit farther away from the hustle and bustle of the city; therefore, providing you and your family some peace and tranquility. Aside from this, they ensure privacy, giving you the choice to do whatever you want in your property without losing sleep over the thought that burglars are sneaking around your place. In addition, noise levels are lower considering that some houses are built far from each other. If you want some well-deserved and uninterrupted sleep at night, buying landed property is definitely a good option.


There is a longer life expectancy when it comes to landed properties. There is also a sense of security that comes with having ownership over the title of the land where your house is built. This also gives you the chance to have something to pass down to your children and something that they could always consider their family home when the time comes for them to leave the nest.

When a person owns both the house and the lot it is on, that is commonly referred to as landed property. This gives the owner plenty of freedom to make the best decisions, so they can make their home livable for the family. It also offers a lot of space, as well as an expectation of privacy and security. For those looking to give their family great home experience, landed property is definitely the way to go.