Child CustodyParents who have to submit to child custody investigations experience confusion and stress. This often happens when one of the parents declare that the other is unfit to take care of the welfare, safety, and health of their children. In most cases, the other parent is accused of substance abuse, child abuse, or neglect. These family law investigations happen when divorce and child custody battle cause a conflict.

The Purpose of the Investigation

Child custody investigations aim to analyze the evidence and facts to help the court come to a conclusion. Advanced Professional Investigations says that these will decide what is best for the child in accordance with the family law investigations in Colorado or their respective state of residence.

Child Custody Investigation vs. Psychological Evaluation

A court-mandated psychological evaluation is different from a child custody investigation for the latter doesn’t require psychological examination. The investigator usually relies on the statements of witnesses and parents, as well as, the documents and records. Besides, a clinical psychologist conducts the psychological evaluation to acquire the type of parenting skills and their history. They are the ones who offer the court long-term suggestions, while child custody investigations address urgent or immediate needs.

Child Custody Investigation vs. the Appointment of a Minor’s Counsel

Some cases include the appointment of a counsel for older children over the age of eight that doesn’t involve neglect or abuse. The minor’s counsel serve as their voice whenever the children are asked for their visitation preference and other matters. They have the same process as child custody investigations as they also speak to witnesses and parents.

The Value of Child Custody Investigations

This kind of investigation will be helpful for you and your children as it’s better than a he said, she said court battle (which is more common in sexual assault cases). The several pieces of evidence it can gather, such as interviews, necessary documents, videos and photographs can help the court make temporary decisions in cases needing immediate attention.

Child custody investigations can get quite messy. Make it less stressful for you and your children by knowing the facts before you file anything against your ex-spouse.