Engagement PartyTraditionally, in most engagement parties, the father of the bride-to-be announces his daughter’s engagement, leaving everyone in the room surprised. In modern engagement parties, however, all the guests know the engagement beforehand.

An engagement party is the perfect time to bring the families of the couple together. This is also an ideal time for the couple to announce the date of their wedding. Below are some tips when planning one:

Set Your Budget

Gone are the days when one side of the family pays for everything. Today’s engagement parties are more of a collaborative effort. Traditionally, it’s the bride’s parents who host the important event. But, in modern engagement parties, the couple usually hosts and pays for the engagement. In some cases, the parents also help with the funding.

Know the Timeframe

The engagement party should be held a few months after the proposal and should be six months to one year before the actual wedding.

Choose the Venue

According to fullmoonhotel.com.au, when you choose a venue, you should consider not only your budget, but also the number of people who will attend. If you go for a formal party, you need to reserve a room in a restaurant or an event hall. You should also consider the location, as your guests will need to travel to go to your engagement.

Know who to Invite

Make sure to only invite people whom you would like to see at your wedding to avoid some issues. You should also be ready for unexpected things, so it’s important to be flexible. Be aware of the capacity of the venue and find out if there are some increased costs.

Make Invitations

Make the design and the delivery of the invitation card simple and casual. To spice up the look, just be creative in choosing a colour palette. Make sure the invitation matches the theme of the engagement party.

There are many details you need to look into when planning an engagement party. So make sure you have everything covered.