Man Holding A PresentCelebrating birthdays is fun. It is one of those occasions where you can bid farewell to the past and welcome with zest the new journey ahead of you.

The celebration itself has an interesting history involving ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. But birthdays eventually evolved, and soon cakes and candles became part of the festivity.

Today, birthdays go beyond the traditional setting. Though candles and cakes are still common features, celebrations have become grand and, sometimes, wild beyond belief. And why not? After all, it only comes once a year.

Are you now thinking of having a huge birthday celebration? If so, here are fun and interesting ideas to keep in mind so you can turn your favourite occasion into one unforgettable shebang.

Hire a limousine

Whether it is a big celebration or just a small one, make your birthday more exciting by calling a limo hire service. Explore places on your special day and make a grand entrance wherever you go. You can stop by restaurants, clubs and other exciting venues in style.

Go glamping

Have you ever wanted to camp out with bottles of champagne? Celebrate your big day in the great outdoors by turning tents into luxurious lounges or renting a cottage on a hill where beer, barbecue and bathtubs go hand in hand.

Throwback party

You may be a little older but what’s not to like about celebrating the most memorable decade of your life? Unleash that inner flower child or 80s geek and turn your venue into a time machine where you can revisit your favourite tunes, movies and fashion. Let it be nostalgic as you leap into another year. 

Wild house party

The advantage of holding your big day in your house is you can last until the sun rises. Have those kitchen sinks and tubs ready and bury those bottles in ice for a night you will never forget.