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Roman Catholic church in the Philippines

Exploring the Spanish Colonial Influence in the Philippines

Years of colonization and trade with several nations formed the cultural melting pot that is the Philippines. No other country has arguably the greatest influence on the Philippines than Spain, however, which k...

Marketing team in a meeting

Leverage Excellent Visuals to Improve Lead Generation

The human ability to focus is on the decline, especially when faced with infinite options on the Internet. What was once a 12-second period has gone down to eight — making the human attention span shorter tha...

AdWords PPC campaign

What Could be the Problem with Your AdWords Campaign?

You’ve already determined the keyword groups to use for your AdWords campaigns, but nothing seems to be working in your favor. It’s not always the keywords that are causing you to fail. They may do...


3 Business Decisions That Could Take Your Company Down

By now, you’ve probably heard that the vast majority of new companies, including those in the medical field, fail in less than two years. People gasp at this bleak reality, but they seldom take the time to fi...


4 Effective Ways to Reach Your Target Market

One of the cardinal rules of marketing is that you advertise mainly to appeal to a particular segment of potential customers that will need the product or service. Since marketing can cost a lot of money, it is...