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Woman on a wheelchair holding a book

Gifts for Wheelchair Users

When people are using lightweight wheelchairs, it’s easy to think that they might not want you to mention or draw attention to it. On the contrary, many people will feel noticed and taken care of if their fr...

Young kid playing cornhole

How to Improve Your Throwing Accuracy in Cornhole

Cornhole is many things. This game is an addictive pastime, an exciting party activity, and a fast-growing sport. Whether you’re planning for fun, money, or pride, learn how to score with consistency pays, e...


Going on a Dirt Bike Adventure? Here Are Things You Should Know

Spending your time off on a dirt bike is a great way for you to enjoy the outdoors and at the same time, boost your agility. However, doing this without the right knowledge can put your safety and health at ri...

Person giving a box of donation

Prioritising Sustainability When Decluttering Your Home

Decluttering, as explained by renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo, allows you to fully utilise physical space in your home in a way that can point you to personal fulfilment and happiness. Her method involves d...

Wedding proposal during the fall

Back to Basics: 3 Golden Rules of Wedding Proposals

Wedding proposals have gotten more gimmicky. From flash mob dances and epic hikes on Utah’s mountains to millennials’ avocado ring boxes, popping the question is trendier than ever. But while you could get ...