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The Key Parts of a Child Custody Agreement

Most parents would wish to raise their children together. This, however, is not always possible owing to various circumstances with the common one being divorce. In these times, agreeing on the best way to brin...

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Raising a Child Together After Divorce

Not all divorce cases end up in bad blood. Some people are lucky enough to have a good relationship with their ex-spouse after the divorce. This is beneficial to children because they do not feel the burden of ...

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Personal Injury Lawyer vs. Insurance Adjuster: Who to Approach after an Accident

Accidents happen in Queensland all the time. In 2015, the average rate of road fatalities was 5.08 per 100,000 people. It was almost 8 per cent higher than that of 2014. Some of these crashes, though, may ha...

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Legal Options for Landlords in Travellers Eviction

Squatters are a common problem for many landowners. The incidences of travellers illegally pitching camp on private property particularly increase in summer because of the more bearable climate. These traveller...