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Emergency entrance of a clinic

When Should You Go to an Urgent Care Clinic?

When you or someone you care about suddenly gets sick or gets involved in a minor accident, you need to immediately decide where to go for medical care. While a trip to the emergency room may be the first thing...

Three dental implants

No Need to Fear Dental Implants

Though it is easy to get dental implants in Townsville and other major cities, a lot of people are still hesitant about the procedure. Some people have qualms about the cost, while others fear the extensive pro...

woman with eating disorder

Most Common Causes of Eating Disorders

dfIt is completely normal for most people to eat when they feel hungry. However, there are cases wherein the urge to partake food triggers the opposite reaction, such as the feeling of fullness without consumin...

woman with long hair

How to Keep Your Scalp Healthy and Dandruff Under Control

Most people don’t really pay that much attention to their scalp until they start itching or see flakes falling from their head like snow. Like dandruff, for instance—caused by dry scalp and yeast overgrow...

Heathy Teeth for the Holidays

  • February 21, 2019
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At this time of year there are all sorts of temptations out there that are bad for the teeth. There’s no need to avoid all those lovely treats, but there are a few things that should be considered in order t...