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Woman doing resistance training

Resistance Training: Its Unexpected Benefits on Your Health

Resistance training, also known as “strength training,” got its name because of its simple but effective process: using resistance to strengthen muscles. It is grounded on the muscles’ capacity to overcom...

Beautiful woman with collagen mask on face.

Trust the Swiss When It Comes to Skin and Hair Care

The Swiss are known for their contributions to technological advancements. They pay close attention to research and development not only for big-ticket items but also for everyday consumer items like skin and h...

a woman doing a yoga in the mountain

6 Relaxation Techniques for Everyone

People are prone to stress every day. The intensity will vary on the person’s life. One person might feel worried about an upcoming exam, while another is stressing over getting pregnant. The causes of st...

woman enjoying massage

Four Easy Ways to Extend the Effects of Your Massage

Now that you have had your massage therapy, your muscles feel more relaxed, and you feel much better. Just like when having something cold on a very hot day, having a massage therapy can address both your physi...

unhealthy food

Why Eating the Same Food Every Day is Bad for Your Health

There are extreme cases of picky eaters who only eat one type of food for each meal. Some have an unhealthy habit of eating burgers or pizza. Without fail. Others refuse any kind of vegetable because they’ve...