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Investments in 2019: Why Security Tokens are the Safer Bet

In the last couple of years, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have become a popular alternative to the more traditional Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). The most basic difference between the two is the use of tok...

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Buying a Home? Prepare the Right Way

Sometimes, the strong desire to buy a house pushes many homebuyers to make uncalculated moves. Both the excitement and inexperience can prevent them from making a well-thought-out decision, making the process ...

Things You Must Never Do When Applying for a Mortgage

  • January 4, 2019
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If you are preparing to buy your first ever home, applying for a mortgage is one of the most crucial steps you have to take to finance this type of investment. However, for a financial commitment as huge as th...


Tenant Screening: 3 Common Techniques Property Managers Use

Running a successful rental property involves more than just purchasing property and renting it out. You need to make sure that the people renting your properties are acceptable to you as your tenants. Your ren...


How Important is The OFW Market Among PH Property Developers?

Property developers in the Philippines have taken their business on an international scale, with many targeting overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) due to their spending power. It’s not only real estate in Metro...