Carpet floor being vacuumedWhether caused by a leak, flooding, spills, or any other type of accident, water damage on carpets is a nightmare to deal with – and can come with a whole lot of problems if not addressed immediately.

Types of Flooding

If the carpet suffers soaking due to flooding, you need to start identifying the nature and source before anything else. Flooding can be classified as follows:

  1. Sanitary Flooding – as the term suggests, this mainly pertains to clean water penetrating the carpet. The first thing to do in this situation is to shut off or block the source of the flooding and prevent further foot traffic in the affected area.Not all sanitary flooding require total carpet removal and replacement, but it is always best to consult with professionals who specialize in repairs and carpet cleaning. Draper-based companies such as Anchor Water Damage and Restoration that can easily come to your home are the best option.
  2. Unsanitary Flooding – contaminated water soaking in the carpet, including (but not limited to) dishwater, backed up drains, and toilet leaks. You must use gloves and other protective equipment when handling carpets affected by this.
  3. Black Water Flooding – this involves sewage, seawater, or any water exposed to the ground. This type can cause severe health problems, and often requires residents to evacuate the home while you address the damage.

Five Things to Remember

When faced with water damage, it is a priority to take note of the following to ensure minimal risk and inconvenience:

  1. Water must be drained within 12 hours to prevent black mold by a professional
  2. Black mold can develop in as early as 48 hours if the wet carpet is left unattended.
  3. Industrial vacuums and dehumidifiers must be used together to prevent further damage; you must replace carpets affected by unsanitary and black water flooding must at once.
  4. Most carpet warranties are void at the occurrence of water damage
  5. Immediate areas in contact such as dry walls and floorings can also sustain water damage and develop mold and bacteria

It is highly important that you contact your trusted carpet-cleaning firm as soon as you discover the damage – take note of these five vital pieces of information, and give the professionals as much detail of the situation as possible to help them help you with the repairs and cleanup.