A man working on a car's maintenance Cars go through a lot of punishment every day. Especially if it’s your daily transport, and even if your drive only involves getting from your home to your place of work and back. The area of your daily drive always has an effect on your vehicle. Where you park your vehicle at work, at the grocery, and at home also affects its body. Find an auto body repair shop in Sussex or any city, like Merton Auto Body, that would help you in the following areas.

Caring for the car’s engine and moving parts

Modern cars typically need fewer oil changes in a year. There are some that require an oil change only every 6000 or so miles. Older cars may need new motor oil in half that mileage. What matters is you take it to the garage or dealership on the recommended mileage or number of months. Neglecting to change your oil is the fastest way to damage your engine, perhaps irreparably. There is also a specific time to change other fluids like the water or coolant in your radiator.

Take your car to the shop at least every 3000 miles to have it checked and to have all the fluids replaced and the moving parts greased.

Caring for the car’s paintwork

Some people might say it doesn’t matter if your paint isn’t fabulous, as long as your engine is running like a dream. Those who know the effect of the car’s looks on value, however, are quick to disagree. Oxidation, scratches, fading, watermarks, and many other auto paint issues can quickly reduce your car’s market value if you intend to sell it.

Wash your car at least every week especially if you live near the ocean (where the salty air can affect your paint), if you often drive on wet and icy roads, or if you park in the open. Bird droppings are notorious for causing paint blemishes, and water spots are a common problem when you don’t park under a roof, where rain, snow, and sprinklers can’t reach your car.

At least once every six months, detail your car with a clay bar. Don’t forget to apply protective wax on your paint after claying it. Use Rain-x on your windshield and other glass. Apply a recommended protectant on plastics, rubbers, and leather.

Getting professional work done

Now and then you might encounter damage on your car’s body that you cannot remove or repair on your own. For example, scratches that go deeper than the clear coat, hail damage, and rust. For such issues, find a shop that offers services for auto body repair in Sussex. It’s safer to have professionals work on your car if the damage is more than you can handle.

Your car is an important part of your personal and professional life. Give it a little TLC to keep it looking and running like new for a long time.