Person taking a photo of a car accidentIs repairing a car dent by yourself really as easy as buying a dent repair kit online? Searching through Google says it’s so, as lots of how-to articles would have you believe. But although some dent repair kits might work on tiny dents, they might not as well or at all for bigger ones.

Generally speaking, dent repair could be categorized into traditional dent repair and paintless dent repair. Traditional dent repair is recommended for bigger dents that need repainting the affected area. Paintless dent repair, on the other hand, is used to repair smaller dents and doesn’t involve painting. For example, dents from hail damage and door dings.

So should you go and purchase a dent repair kit online and repair the dent yourself or take your car straight to an auto repair shop in Salt Lake City, Utah?

Can You Fix the Dent Yourself?

Whether dent repair could be a do-it-yourself job would depend on the location and the size of the dent. Dents on corners or rounded edges are typically harder to fix. A great rule of thumb when thinking whether to have a dent professionally repaired or going the DIY route is this: If the dent is bigger than a dollar bill, has a tear or cracked paint, leave the dent repair to the pros.

For dents smaller than a dollar bill, without tears or cracked paint, you could consider repairing them with a dent repair kit, but only if you really know what you’re doing.

Be Extra Careful When Using DIY Dent Repair Kits

Damaged white carWhen using a DIY dent repair kit, be patient and work very carefully and slowly. You would need to brace these kits against your car when trying to pull out the dent. So if you’re not 100% familiar about the affected site’s inner structure, you could easily damage it.

If you’re unsure, get it inspected from an auto shop to see how much it would cost you. If the dent is small enough that you could repair it with a dent repair kit, it probably won’t cost you that much to have it repaired professionally.

What to Expect With Professional Dent Repair

When you take your car to an auto shop for dent repair, a technician would figure out what needs to be done based on the kind of car you have and the location and size of the dent. A common method used for dent repair involves a rubber hammer and heating agent for fixing the dent from the inside out.

Repairing a bigger dent is sort of an art form that requires sufficient time since the technician would basically have to sculpt the affected site back to its original state slow and carefully to avoid causing further damage.

Put simply, while smaller dents could be fixed DIY style, it’s best to leave bigger dents in the hands of professionals. Otherwise, you could damage the paint of your car, pound or pull the already damaged panel too far out or further compromise the structural integrity of the damaged panel.