Printing SolutionPrinters are no longer the investment they were five years ago. Nowadays, you can get a standard laser printer for under $100 and an inkjet printer for under $50! You can even get one that not only prints, but scans and copies. The printer you get will depend on five main factors: purpose, price, connection, user friendliness and availability of replacement ink or toner. The last is especially crucial, as your Brother printer is useless without its consumables. PrintCom, a leading provider of computer and printer solutions, shares more information below:


Choose a printer that will suit your needs. If you only print occasionally, but you need to scan frequently, it makes sense to choose a multifunction printer. On the other hand, if you print many documents, a standard printer usually prints faster. If the colour quality and crispness of the graphics is important to you, then choose a printer with high photo-quality output.


If you are on a budget, then you may be tempted to pick the most affordable printer available. This can be a costly mistake. You usually end up paying more for consumables or getting poor quality prints. Instead, pick the best printer you can afford. If you cannot decide between two printers at the same price, check out reviews to help you choose.


Choose a printer that is WiFi capable, which means you can print from any of your WiFi-enabled gadgets. You will not have to worry about wires and the like. This convenience can pay dividends in the end.

User friendliness

Setting up and operating the printer should be simple and straightforward. The printer you choose should be compatible with your operating system, so you will not have to worry about drivers. It should be plug and play.

Availability of Consumables

As mentioned earlier, your printer will be useless if you cannot easily find the consumables for it. Before making the purchase, check online if the ink or toner you need is available and how much it costs. It will save you a lot of money and headaches later on.