Home CateringWhen you’re a passionate cook and have been eyeing the possibility of putting up a catering business then why not? After all, your cooking skills have garnered a small cluster of potential clients so you already have that covered. Here are other suggestions to get your home venture started.

Know Your Market – Your menu, the size of your initial kitchen setup and your daily purchases will all depend on the number of clients you will service regularly, along with your customers’ details and demographic. Though it’s tempting to say yes to every big event that’s offered you, you’ll still have to consider what your home business is prepared and equipped to handle. Aside from catering small parties and events, offer packed lunches to offices and establishments near your home to start you off.

Permits and Licenses – For every business, there are always required registrations and licenses to process. That goes double for a catering company since you are dealing with food and ingredients. It doesn’t matter if it’s still small-scale; you’ll still need to inquire from your local government office what they require for you to legally operate a food service business within your home. If you prefer, you can even hire a business adviser to help you with your papers and business plan.

Materials and Equipment – Look for sources like Hostservice that can supply you, and preferably deliver, your requests straight to your door. They must also be able to take in large orders at a time. For equipment suppliers, it would be best to find a provider that would allow you to rent additional items during sudden emergencies. That way, you won’t need to purchase additional food warmers, bain marie or other catering items for sudden additional orders.

Make it a personal goal to continue learning and improving not just in cooking, but in the different aspects of running a business. Never lose the passion that started you off on this venture. When your business has grown, you probably won’t be doing the cooking anymore, but your passions must always remain no matter what.