alarm systemsBurglars make use of different tactics to successfully carry out their crimes. They wait for the right moment to strike and carry out their deed—that moment when you let your guard down.

How do you defend yourself from these intruders? Apart from installing alarm systems, Salt Lake City security experts recommend putting yourself into the shoes of burglars.

To reduce your risks of becoming a victim of these criminals, here are some of the tactics they use to outsmart their targets:

They memorize the victim’s patterns and schedules.

Many experienced burglars monitor their victims’ schedules before committing the crime. When you have a routine or a schedule that you strictly follow, it’s going to be easier for intruders to determine the time when no one is at home. They also do this with your neighbors to make sure no one is going to catch them in the act.

They befriend their victim’s household pets.

Having a dog can be an effective way to protect your home from burglars. Nevertheless, some of these criminals are adept at taming household pets. Once they do, they can gain access to your home without worrying about being chased around and bitten by a guard dog. Some burglars even use chemicals to make household pets fall asleep.

They check the schedules of power outages.

Burglars view power outages as opportunities for committing crimes. They constantly check schedules and announcements for temporary loss of electricity. If there are no scheduled power outages, they can cut the electrical lines themselves.

They pretend to be someone else.

These criminals can also enter your home by pretending to be someone else. They can pose as an employee of your cable, Internet, or utility service provider. You should always be wary of allowing strangers into your home and ask for identification before giving them access.

Burglars can make their move at any time. Install security systems around the key points of your house and be extra vigilant. The best way to stop these housebreakers is by staying two steps ahead of them. The more prepared you are, the less likely you’ll be a target of break-ins.