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For the first time in decades, companies are now considering build-to-suit facilities for their offices and workspace. It is rare to find quality office space these days, especially when rental rates are narrowing fast between available office areas and newly built spaces.

Realtors predict an undersupply of rental space, yet many mortgage loan companies and construction firms are reluctant to invest in new buildings. So in many parts of the United States, like in Pensacola, Florida, licensed general contractors that offer build-to-suit facilities, like Hanto & Clarke General Contractors LLC, are becoming the go-to option for many companies.

What is a Build-to-Suit?

A build-to-suit office or workspace is a facility built specifically for you and your company’s needs. The available space is maximized to ensure that your business operations are efficient. The office layout is designed to suit the needs of your workforce or follow your architectural considerations.

Why a Build-to-Suit Option?

Contractors design build-to-suits to fit the location and meet your company’s architectural specifications. Their construction details follow your office requirements. Some contractors give you  the option of creating excess space to reserve it for future expansion.

A build-to-suit office or workspace is more cost-effective in the long run. It is specially built to suit your office needs and maximize your operational efficiency.

What are the Cost Factors?

Before you invest in a build-to-suit, analyze the cost factors that could affect you: your company’s credit rating, the financing, the tax and accounting considerations, and leasing or ownership options. Consider also the construction/environmental requirements in your area, wherever you are in the United States, or just in Pensacola. A licensed general contractor could help you meet your office and workspace requirements.

Build-to-suits are an attractive alternative in today’s competitive commercial real estate markets. If you want a cost-effective way to manage your property with maximum efficiency for occupancy needs, build-to-suits are a viable option for your office and workspace.