Some people are big fans of Apple products. They use docking stations to connect their home audio systems. Bluetooth wireless speakers for iPhone are compatible to this system as well, allowing these users to enjoy a good audio system. Using wireless speakers frees up iPhone usage, whether you want to use it at home or in the office.


What you need

To configure and use an iPhone as a boom box, you need a Bluetooth speaker. An iPhone unit should have the A2DP feature for Bluetooth built. Check to see if this feature is available on a Bluetooth compatible device. This is different from the ones that help people connect using headphones. iPhone OS 3.0 and higher have this capability built in, especially if they have 3G capacity. Second generation iPod Touch devices and those higher have 3G, too. Set up screens will vary across devices a bit.

Other devices like smartphones, Android phones, and Blackberrys also have the A2DP feature built in, making it easy to configure and use Bluetooth audio.

How to configure

Enable Bluetooth on the speaker by activating it. Go to the Settings mode on the iPhone and click on Bluetooth. Hit the on button to activate it on the phone. Make sure that the two devices are connected. The name of the Bluetooth device should appear on the phone. It may be in the form of a serial number or name. Tap on it to connect. Afterwards, the iPhone and Bluetooth speakers will be synced and ready for use.

Bluetooth audio system works with music, games, apps, and streaming videos. Some people have reported compatibility issues with iOS 4. There is huge advantage to using Bluetooth and streaming audio.

Many people have had success with setting up Pandora and Internet radio. They enjoy listening to programs and music while using their iPhone to perform other tasks.