The thought of a possible fire can be alarming to many homeowners, and that’s the reason fire extinguishers are regularly recharged and maintained. They’ve become essential in buildings everywhere. But did you know that in ancient times, fire is actually considered an important symbol?

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In celebration of gods

Many cultures practice fire-related rituals often based on fire and fire gods’ myths and legends. In northern Europe, where people experience long, dark, and cold winters, fire was especially revered. In fact, pagan fire festivals like lighting bonfire on May 1st are still practiced in some European communities.

A means to fight sorcery

In Europe and America, people accused of practicing witchcraft were once burned at the stake, following belief that fire wipes out sorcery or black magic. The Assyrians of ancient Mesopotamia called upon fire to reverse the harmful effects of evil witchcraft aimed at them.

A symbol of punishment and suffering

The Christian concept of hell as a fiery place of punishment gives fire an image of suffering and torment. Some apocalyptic myths predict that fire will cause the end of the world. It may be purifying, cleansing fire that will bring about the birth of a fresh new world.

In modern society, however, fire means trouble. Always keep a recharged fire extinguisher at home or in the office to fight off any accidental fire.