Nutrition CoursesThe healthcare industry is growing and becoming stronger across the board, thanks in part to the demand of an aging baby boomer population. This also occurs because more people now have access to health insurance that will cover some related treatment costs.

This provides excellent opportunities for people treading the path to health and nutrition. Well-trained and certified dietitians and nutritionists are particularly in the best position to reap the benefits, especially as the healthcare industry focuses more on the social and economic advantages of preventing diseases rather than waiting until a person is sick to provide treatment.

With the rising demands on the health and nutrition industry, dietetics is now offering many colourful career options. From food styling to playwriting, those enrolled in a nutrition course or are exploring the field are not anymore limited to just one career path.

Sports Nutrition Specialist

Athletes seem to be becoming even more competitive, and they need to be on top of their game every single day. A large part of that depends on what they eat, which means sports nutrition is an excellent career path.

Nutritionists in this area of specialisation use evidence-based research to assess the dietary needs of athletes, and provide recommendations. They might work in a number of settings, including fitness centres and universities with an athletic program.

Community Nutritionist

Community nutritionists primarily educate the public about food and nutrition. They may work for government agencies, non-profit organisations, and public health clinics, but they often specialise in providing care for senior citizens and children. They create and implement meal plans, shopping lists, and programs designed to educate the public.

Community nutritionists also speak to groups or teach classes about good eating habits.

Paediatric Nutrition Specialist

This specialisation lends itself to a range of career paths, including clinic work and hospital work, as well as child day care centre oversight and school cafeteria consulting. Paediatric nutritionists are trained to understand the specific health and dietary needs of children, from new-borns to teenagers. They help plan snacks and meals for children, and advise parents on home meal preparations.

Dietitians are fortunate that their profession is not limited to just one career path. They can choose a path that meets their skills and has so many opportunities to be creative and entrepreneurial. In the simplest of words, it is grand to be a dietitian.