Before and After Comparison

Although there is no getting around the fact that eating healthier and exercising is key to losing weight, but did you know that to lose weight effectively and keep it off all starts in your pretty head? Yes, having the right mindset and attitude could help you better achieve your weight loss goals. So to get over that overweight mentality that’s literally dragging you down, here are some tips and tricks.

Set Small and Realistic Goals

List down mini goals that would aid you in realizing your actual weight loss goals. Ideally, these smaller goals must be things that would improve your lifestyle but not change it overnight; for instance, exercising for 30 minutes daily and eating more veggies and fruits. Change is difficult but could be more difficult if you cram too many lifestyle changes all at once, so take baby steps and take it day by day, suggests a weight loss specialist from MD Diet, a well-known weight loss center in Orem.

Have an Action Plan

The detailed your plan is, the better. Every night, plan your exercise routine and meals for the following day. Prep your meals and pack your healthy snacks in advance. This way, you reduce the risk of eating unhealthy food choices.

Get Ample Support

You will need lots of support throughout your weight loss journey. Find a family member, friend, a gym buddy, or support group that you could engage with regularly. According to studies, individuals who are trying to lose weight with help from a support system do better than those who don’t have a support system.

Leave your Bad Habits Behind


Figure out where you’re engaging in certain behaviors that could result in sabotaging your weight loss goals and then turn these around through baby steps that you could manage without stress and feeling deprived. For instance, if you eat while watching TV, snack on some fruit instead of your usual chips and soda.

Make Sure to Give Yourself Rewards

Get a massage, get a mani-pedi, or go to the movies, just do something to reward yourself—other than binging on unhealthy foods—whenever you achieve one of your weight loss goals. For example, reward yourself when you lose several inches off your waist or lose three pounds, to celebrate yourself for your hard work and dedication.

Keep Track of Your Weight Loss Journey

Keep a journal of your daily meals, your exercise activities, emotions, as well as your measurements and weight. Studies have shown that journaling and keeping track of your daily weight loss activities will help make you more accountable, reduce unhealthy behaviors, and promote healthier ones. Knowing exactly what you eat on a daily basis could even help in resisting food temptations.

For you to realize your weight loss goals and sustain them, before you can even shed excess fat, you need to shed the mental fat you’re carrying. Determine the habits and patterns that are preventing you from losing weight, address them, and you’ll be on your way to a much fitter and healthier you in no time at all.

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