A Used CarA CPO or certified pre-owned car may cost a little more than a vehicle outside of a CPO program. But, it is the recommended option.

Here are important reasons that a used car for sale in cities such as Jacksonville is a wise buy.

Good Vehicle Condition

Only low-mileage, recent model cars with a clean history report qualify for a CPO program sponsored by manufacturers. Therefore, you can be sure of the quality and condition of the cars enlisted in the program.

Multi-Point Reconditioning and Inspection Process

What a pre-owned car dealer examines, replaces or reconditions depend on the manufacturer. In general, a CPO car goes through inspection that involves from 100 to 200 individual parts.

Extended Warranty Cover

A CPO vehicle often comes with both the original and powertrain warranties. To be more competitive, dealers that offer shorter warranty mileage and term limits than new cars extend the scope of their CPO programs.

Roadside Help

CPO programs often come with free 24/7 roadside support. It is valid for the entire duration of the warranty period. For example, they assist owners who locked themselves out of the car, cars that need a jumpstart, and vehicles that run out of gasoline.

Low-Interest Rates on Financing

CPO cars often qualify for lower financing rates that are equal to those on new automobiles. Thus, you can expect a lower monthly payment on your vehicle loan.

Satisfaction Guarantee

There are CPO programs that allow buyers to return the car and exchange it for another within a set time frame and mileage limit. It is different from a money-back guarantee. It is a benefit that will allow you to swap your car for one that you like more.

Consider buying a CPO vehicle when you are searching the market for a used car. You can be sure of the quality, plus other benefits and guarantees.