Wedding proposal during the fallWedding proposals have gotten more gimmicky. From flash mob dances and epic hikes on Utah’s mountains to millennials’ avocado ring boxes, popping the question is trendier than ever. But while you could get wildly creative and witty about your plan, there are proposal rules you should never break. So, before you go on with the fun stuff, go back to the basics of how to pop the question:

1. Ask the parents’ blessing first

Times have changed, but there’s value in holding on to this tradition. By doing this, you’re showing respect to the parents of your partner, at the same time, starting on the right foot on your relationship with your future in-laws. You never know, you might get some tips on how to choose among thousands of diamond rings Utah jewelers at AAA Jewelers have suggested for you. So, how do you go about the talk? Just keep it simple. Tell them genuinely what you feel about your partner, and that you understand that marriage is a commitment, and that you want to exercise that commitment with their daughter.

2. Work on your speech

Sometimes, it’s good to be spontaneous about what to say, because you want to be as natural as possible, but then, there’s also the possibility of your mind going blank as you feel tense about the whole thing. Of course, it’s never a good idea to just pull out the ring and say ‘will you marry me’ without a proper build-up. So, practice on what you want to say. You don’t need to have a written speech; an outline of the points you want to say will do. You can start with what you love about your partner, how you knew they were ‘the one’, or why you see the future with them.

3. Decide on the proposal style

It’s easy to latch on the trendy proposals, like the flashy flashmob dances or the writing-on-the-sky kind of thing, but it’s important to consider if the trend matches your personality as a couple or the soon-to-be-bride. This should be your guiding thought when planning — it will inform you whether to go public or private in the proposal, if involving friends and family is a good thing and which diamond ring to get. Know the type of proposal you should be doing based on your personality, not the trends you see on social media.

Never break these rules when popping the question. Proposal trends are good, but these basics will make the proposal more meaningful.