Small Orange HouseThe tiny house movement in Australia has gotten bigger. More and more people are choosing to live in small homes. And the huge reason is it makes financial sense. It costs less to build and maintain a small home. But there are a lot of other reasons people are joining the movement. Here are they:

Tiny Houses are Eco-friendly

There’s a significant reduction in electricity, heating and cooling requirements in tiny homes. So as you’re saving money from that, you’re also saving the environment with fewer carbon dioxide emissions. But it doesn’t stop there.

Tiny houses use fewer raw materials than traditional homes, meaning there are fewer trees cut down and less fuel used in the transportation of materials. Take granny flats for example: most materials in granny flat kits are sourced from local producers, keeping the costs and carbon dioxide emissions low.

Tiny Houses are Simple

A lot of tiny homeowners share how living small has made them embrace simplicity and a less consumerist lifestyle. With just a tiny space, you have no other choice but to take just the most important things you need and shed off the excess. It forces you to de-clutter not just your space, but essentially your life.

Tiny Houses are a Good Investment

Traditional homes are expensive. It’s only a matter of time before homeowners start flocking to more cost-efficient properties. So, having a tiny home would be a lot easier to re-sell or rent out than most properties.

But tiny homes aren’t just good investment in the financial sense. It can also be an added asset to you being able to provide separate housing for aging parents. Building a granny flat near your main property allows seniors to maintain independence and privacy, and still keep in touch with you.

Those in the tiny house movement are living big with these benefits. Is it time for you to join the movement?