rain gutterYou know how essential rain gutters are for protecting your home against water damage. Melting snow and runoff is collected and diverted from your house’s foundation to a place where it will be less harmful; sometimes, even to tanks for use in activities such as irrigation.

As rain gutters play a big role in keeping your home intact, it is important to make the right choice when planning new rain gutter installation in Salt Lake City. Double T. Inc recommends assessing and comparing the available options so you can choose what suits your budget and style.

Aluminum gutters

These lightweight gutters are cost-efficient, easy to work with, and rust proof. Regardless of the weather conditions, these gutters will remain useful, even in cold climates; which says a lot for their functionality. Notably, they also hold paint so you can have them custom-made in colors that match your exterior design. The only problem is that structurally speaking, they are not that strong; they will dent fast if exposed to a considerable amount of force.

Stainless steel gutters

Almost indestructible, these gutters will still look good years after installation. It is no wonder many people regard stainless steel as one of the most reliable materials in the trade. The only reason to shy from it is the price. Often, these gutters will cost up to four times the cost of gutters made from another material. Still, they are a trade off if you can afford the initial price.

Vinyl gutters

These have also become a favorite among many people because they never corrode or rust, are easy to install, and probably the cheapest option available that is not wood. In addition, they snap together quickly and are lightweight. While they function well in mild climates, extreme climates cause sagging sections and cracks over time.

Depending on your priority, whether it is saving on costs or enhancing your home’s exterior, there is a gutter fit for you. A certified installer will assess your home and advise on your best option depending on your purpose.