Stability When you’re young, fresh out of school, and still looking for a clear career path, a temporary job may be your best bet in making money, at least for the time being. But of course, you’re after the stability. Will you have that with a temporary job?

Talent recruitment agencies have a thing or two to say about jobs, “If you’re just looking for a new job because you hate your current job and you’re willing to take just about anything, your chances of ending up in another less-than-satisfying career are higher.” – Prince Perelson and Associates

While you may think that the “less-than-satisfying career” they talk of is temporary employment, it’s wise to keep an open mind. What initially looks like a short stint may, in fact, be your ticket to stability.

A Stepping Stone

You may or may not like your temp (temporary employment) as a contractor or store staff. Either way, you can look at it as a stepping stone for a more stable job. The key to maximizing your temp is to take it as it is: a short stint.

Sure, there are cases where employers give full-time positions to outstanding part-timers, but you can’t keep your hopes too high. While you’re still working, set your sights on other job opportunities. Scour employment websites, and never stop sending out your resume. But, don’t slack off in your performance as well. Make sure your one-time employer can put some good words in for you.

Work hard and look hard. That’s how you use your gig as a stepping stone.

Defining Your Career Goals

Getting a temp is a lot like testing the waters. You take the work, mostly for the experience. However it turns out, you’ll be learning about an industry, whether it’s the one you want to be a part of or not, and you’ll learn about yourself. What makes you tick in the workplace? How do you manage your time? Is this where you see yourself a few years from now?

Working a temp puts you in the position to answer these questions. If you can’t see what you want, where you are right now, at least you see what you don’t want. It’s a defining experience, and maybe one that you need to build your dream career.

Financially and professionally, becoming stable from working a temp is highly unlikely. But, it’s nonetheless a ticket to stability, as it promotes the right mindset for you to achieve what you want. A temp is a productive period for planning, self-discovery, and preparation. As a first step to a stable career, it certainly isn’t so bad.