A landscape plan in progressFrom experiential to climate-cognizant designs, the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) said that the trends for 2018 “reflect an evolution of the outdoor living”.

If you are in Florida, a residential or commercial landscaping service in Clermont or Miami will be a worthwhile investment, especially if you plan to resell your property.

Top Trends

Experiential landscaping involves more than just complementing an area with aesthetic design. Instead, landscaping has become functional. It can be bike paths and walkways for office landscaping or areas for outdoor cooking at home.

Some designs have adapted to the weather’s unpredictability. Landscaping services have become more flexible; it allows spaces to be used during sunny or rainy days. Sustainability will also be a key trend this year, especially with the continuous talk on conserving water. Designers have used plants that are native to a certain place since it generally consumes less water.

A Profitable Investment

Landscaping has become popular that more people are deeming it a necessity instead of an optional expense, particularly when planning to sell a property. A house or building’s façade is just as important as the interior; therefore, it makes sense that sellers want their properties to look their best.

NALP said that having standard landscaping service allows sellers to recover almost 270% of the cost upon a resale. Maintenance and tree care services let them take back 100% of the cost while installing a landscape and irrigation system recovers 86% of the expenses.

Whether or not you plan to sell your property soon, landscaping services are important to maintain desirable living conditions and your estate’s long-term value. Some of the most recommended services include standard lawn care, a landscape management service, and a total upgrade.