CarsWhether you are renting a car to drive around Perth or for your vacation, it might cost you a lot if you don’t know how to stay away from the pitfalls. Finding affordable cars for rent requires more than just searching for good deals. According to, the rental rate is influenced by factors like location from which you pick up the rental car, the length of usage and the company you get your car from.

1. Search online for car rental coupons and discounts. Compare the rates of different car rental companies. Some companies offer deals for a specific vehicle or you can arrange a reservation for a certain period of time.

2. Avoid car rental companies near or at the airport. Instead, search for a car rental facility away from the airport. A car rental company at the airport charge airport surcharges and taxes that will increase the rate of your rental.

3. Look for package deals. In case you are renting a car for your vacation, look for package deals that include this service. Travel companies most of the time offer deals at a discounted rate if you book your flight and accommodation in the same package.

4. Go for small companies. Instead of renting cars from a large international car rental chain, it is best to rent a car from an independent rental company. Independent facilities usually have better customer service and provide favourable rate because they can create their own procedures and policies.

5. Rent ahead of time. Request for favourable rates. Contact the rental company periodically to ask if there will be more affordable rates available. The rate was determined by the number of cars on the lot at the time you reserve the car. Since this always changes, the rate also changes regularly.

6. Rent an economy vehicle and avoid buying any add-ons. Economy vehicles provide you the best mileage for your money, and you also carry your own add-ons, like car seat, roof rack or GPS or global positioning system instead of paying for the same amenities.

If you want to enjoy your vacation driving around Perth, it is best that you find a reliable car rental company. Remember these tips to avoid the pitfalls that usually come with hiring a rental car.