a woman doing a yoga in the mountainPeople are prone to stress every day. The intensity will vary on the person’s life. One person might feel worried about an upcoming exam, while another is stressing over getting pregnant. The causes of stress can be a lot to handle.

If you feel stressed out right now, you may feel your heart pounding and your muscles tensed. This is your body’s reaction to what you are going through. However, don’t feel hopeless about it. There are ways for you to relax and be able to combat stress. One of these is the fasting yoga retreat.

Breathing Exercises

When belly breathing, you make long, slow, and deep breaths. Follow this method for a couple of minutes until you feel that your whole body become at ease. As you go deeper with your breathing, you will feel that your mind relaxes. This is helpful if you have an eating disorder so that you can execute body positivity. However, this is not advisable to people who have difficulty breathing.

Yoga, Qigong, and Tai Chi

Yoga, qigong, and tai chi are ancient breathing exercises. They aim to normalize your balance and flexibility. These exercises will have you doing rhythmic breathing and being in different postures and movements. One of the highlights of these practices is that they can help an individual when he has racing thoughts. These exercises are meant for people who have active lifestyles. A fasting yoga retreat is also a relaxing way to exercise.

Body Scanning

Breathing exercises can be good for people with eating disorders. Body scanning is a follow-up to in the sense that after your deep breathing exercise, you can focus on one part of your body. You can also focus on a muscle group. After you’ve done that, you can concentrate on mentally breaking free of the physical tension that you feel on that part. This is an effective method to relax. However, if you recently have undergone an operation, this might not be the best technique for you.


People who practice religion very faithfully will like this relaxation technique. In silence, you will utter a prayer or a phrase from that prayer, and you will repeat it several times. This method is so relaxing as it doesn’t only clear the mind but also put someone in the right direction.


All you have to do in this exercise is to sit on a chair. Focus on your breathing, and try to think only about where you are at the moment. Don’t think about the past or the future. Just be in the present. This type of relaxation technique can help people with depression, anxiety, and pain.

Guided Imagery

calm blue ocean

This is a nice way to relax. You only have to look at relaxing images, which you can get from downloadable free apps. This can be pictures of nature or any kinds of images that will give you a positive impact. This is a good way to relax. However, it is not good for people who have intrusive thoughts.

Which Method to Choose?

Why choose one when you can choose all? All the methods mentioned above are safe and effective. If you’ve got time and you need to relax, you might want to try all of them.