Great videos involve six key stages of planning. These key stages will allow you to make compelling corporate videos that people want to watch.

video production

The six key stages of professional corporate video production include:

Assessment and Proposal

This is when you assess your needs, timeline, scope, and audience, and then create a proposal that will help you achieve your goals.


This is when you brainstorm ideas that can make the videos shine. Incorporate outside-the-box thinking to enhance them and make them pop.


This is all about performance, and everyone involved must be ready to perform. As such, it’s important to be well prepared, informed, and equipped prior to shooting.


This is when it all comes together. Editors and motion graphic artists edit, and arrange voice overs, music, animation, and graphics.


This is when you deliver your final product to your audience, be it on the web, DVD, or PowerPoint.

Video Marketing and Promotion

This is when you get your video posted on the Internet. Have it appear on YouTube, trend on Twitter, and liked on Facebook. Once it’s out there, track the views it gets to make sure it’s performing to your expectations.

Despite their importance, professional video production for companies involves more that these key stages. To learn more about the process, contact corporate video production specialists.