barber shopWith the rise of the male beauty industry in the 2000s, grooming salons for immensely self-conscious men have sprung up everywhere and gained massive popularity. But, there are still some people who prefer the services of a good barber instead of a hip and trendy stylist. Read on to find out the main qualities that set leading barber shops apart from salons.

1. Barbers are consistent in quality. After years of practicing the craft, barbers would definitely know what to do given a certain situation (or look the client may want the barber to imitate).

2. They do not worry about trends. If you are looking for a straightforward, no-nonsense military cut, you came to the right place. At barber shops, you will not have to worry about the newest celebrity look or other mundane things; you can just focus on getting a great haircut.

3. You get exactly what you pay for. Barbers are relatively more affordable to hire than stylists, and they are especially adept at cutting hair. Stylists are trained to look at things with a creative eye that recognises trends when they see it. Barbers, however, tend to prefer safe styles that do not require much use of their creative juices. They usually stick to giving classic, timeless haircuts.

4. At barber shops, you can get more conventional haircuts. Choose from classic styles such as the military style buzzcut or even just an ordinary flattop.

5. They offer shaving services, too. You are probably used to shaving with a hand razor at home; why don’t you try how it feels like to get a single-blade shave from an experienced barber?

Going to a barber shop means you are more concerned with preserving tradition than following new trends. As long as you get the kind of service that would satisfy you, go ahead and have your hair cut by an experienced barber.