Kitchen remodeling doesn’t need to be an expensive project. Ideally, the remodeling should be geared towards making your kitchen more functional by upgrading a few things here and there and making adjustments to fit your needs.

Of course, your kitchen needs are different once you have kids from when you were just YOU. For a kitchen that is both functional and stylish, see these tips shared by experts in kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Kansas City, MO.

1. Identify your kitchen needs.

Before you even draw out a plan, go through your kitchen needs. The good thing about remodeling is that you already know what you want and how you want it. Run through your daily routines and see what you need most, and what you use most or least.

For instance, if you bake a lot, then your oven should be within reach, and you should add cabinets or pull-down racks for your baking tools. From your kitchen needs, create a plan, draw up a budget and start off your remodeling.

You can choose to do it in phases or at one go. This will depend on your availability as well as the funds to finance the project.

2. Make your kitchen kid-friendly.

If you have kids, consider features that are kid-friendly. For instance, when installing a microwave oven, consider the height. The cooktop should also be kid-friendly in that the handles and knobs are not so visible to the kids.

Make the countertop reachable for the kids to be able to help out with cooking and food preparation. Also, consider a spot in your kitchen where your kids can sit and do their homework or other activities. You will most probably want to be able to supervise their homework as you prepare dinner or their snacks.

2. Build an island to create more space.

If you are the type that spends a lot of time in the kitchen, then you definitely need more counter space for your cooking. To avoid too many expenses in expanding the kitchen why not build an island.

Even though it may limit the traffic of people moving in and out of the kitchen, you will definitely enjoy cooking in a large spacious worktop.

3. Measure before making orders.

Do not just assume and go by your previous measurements. Take new measurements for everything before you make any orders. If you plan on installing new cabinets, take measurements. It can be very expensive to end up ordering for wrong size cabinets!

4. Use contrasting colors.

Kitchen interior design
A good idea would be to use one neutral color and one dark color. This brings out the features and makes them visible.

For instance, you can use a bold color on the cabinets and a neutral color on the walls. You can also use a bold color to bring out focus on certain pieces such as the island. Whichever way you go, colors are an instant kitchen makeover.

Your kitchen remodeling project can take much so much or so little or your time and resources. It’s you who will determine which way it will go, but these basic tips are sure to save you some bucks as well.