Woman shows her jewelryNot everyone has the money that gives them the power to buy jewelry, so it is safe to say that having them is a privilege. Because of this, it is important for jewelry owners to make sure that the jewelry they have is protected and preserved. The jewelry must be protected from the weather and even thieves. The following are tips that you can follow so that the fashion jewelry in your possession will not be damaged or stolen:

Contact a jewelry repair service

Jewelry repair is an important tool against damage. Jewelry repair stores in St. Louis, MO will be able to help you fix the issues that your jewelry has. If your jewelry is still okay, at least keep the contact details of the jewelry repair services so that you will just have to call them if needed. That way, the jewelry piece will be fixed right away.

Do not wear jewelry as often

Jewelry is bought for wearing, but you should remember that exposure to wind, water or sun will make the shine fade away. Only wear it on special occasions so that it can retain its color. If possible, vary the jewelry items that you will be wearing.

Do not coat jewelry by yourself

Companies claim that coating will help in preserving the jewelry’s quality, but you must be careful in applying it by yourself. It can change the appearance of the jewelry so unless you have credible experience in doing it, leave it to the professionals.

Be careful with how you store your jewelry

Storage plays an important role in keeping the jewelry functional longer. There are systems available for this.

Fashion jewelry is notorious for being sensitive. It can easily fade from exposure to sun or water. It can also attract the attention of thieves. It is up to the owner to do steps so that this will not happen to your jewelry.