Engagement SeasonHe popped the question, and you said yes. Now, you’re officially entering another exciting stage in your life — one that movies, books, and reality shows have always raved about — being engaged. You have wedding bells chiming in your head and pre-bridal jitters coming down your veins, but what does being engaged truly feel like? Here are some things that brides-to-be will come to know:

You’ll Start Staring Obsessively at Your Ring Finger

After greeting you with that giggly “Congratulations!,” all your friends and family will start wanting to stare at that piece of jewelry on your finger. Maybe it’s a family heirloom or one of those exquisite custom engagement rings Salt Lake City jewelers create. In any case, that rock on your finger will be something that you would surely want to stare at compulsively.

You’ll Start Receiving Tons of Advice

Expect lots of advice, even unsolicited ones, from everyone. These can be from your married friends or your relative from abroad since they probably miss the excitement of planning their own wedding. Take their advice with a grain of salt, as most would probably mean well. If you agree with the advice, take it; if not, still express that you’re grateful and move on with your plans.

You’ll Start Viewing Your Relationship Differently

A proposal scene will always be something for the movies, but in real life, it’s also serious. Now, you and your beau will start to have a new outlook in life, especially now that you’re going to be spending it together. The engagement season is another time to get to know each other well, so be prepared for experiences you will both treasure forever.

Sure, preparing for something as big as a wedding isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Even engagement takes a lot of hard work. Still, it’s a magical time for you, so don’t let any pre-wedding pressure make you lose sight of each other and prepare for the more important part of the journey.